The Delegate way: our approach

Delegate’s unwavering commitment to excellence is forged by decades of hands-on experience, working with successful individuals and families across North America to solve for their global objectives.

We understand that your family’s unique challenges are at the core of our mission, and we devote ourselves entirely to achieving your vision for success. Our exceptional work encompasses three distinct realms:

Our work encompasses three distinct realms

Wealth Planning


Family Office Services

We meticulously tailor our strategies to suit your specific needs. We know how much added value planning can provide, and we ensure that our clients understand why planning serves as the foundation for a successful long-term outcome.
When it comes to building and managing your investment portfolio, we align your portfolio to meet your long-term aspirations. Families have multiple objectives, so their investment policy must be tailored to solve for diverse goals.
The only way to describe our family office services is “everything in between.” At the intersection of family and wealth, our mandate becomes broad to cover whatever our clients may need. Whether your family is focused on launching a regional philanthropic investment initiative, a unique real estate investment opportunity, or the intricate sale of a private company, our experienced team can help you plan, troubleshoot, and implement your vision for success.