Hannah Yap

Senior Associate, Operations and Data Analytics

Hannah Yap serves as a Senior Associate, Operations and Data Analytics at Delegate Advisors where she is responsible for maintaining the reporting systems. In this role, Hannah is committed to providing accurate and meaningful reports to clients and their advisors to help them make informed financial decisions. Hannah’s effective reporting style and attention to detail when updating investment balance sheets and documentation helps create a fuss-free experience for client families.

Prior to Delegate, Hannah attended Singapore Management University for Accounting, Finance and Corporate Financial Management, where she began working as the main accountant for a Chinese market strategy consulting firm and an automobile start-up. She continued in both functions until she joined the Delegate team.

After living in six different cities across the world, Hannah has settled down in Wake Forest, North Carolina. In her free time, she follows her passion for international languages through her volunteer work as a Mandarin-English translator.