Delegate Discussions: 2021 Outlook and Observations

Feb 11, 2021 | Commentaries, Uncategorized

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As we head further into the new year, it is essential for families to understand the current state of the markets and the outlook for the year ahead. Delegate Advisors Chief Executive Officer Andy Hart and Director of Portfolio Management Dunkin Allison recently sat down for an interactive video discussion that provides insights on the economy, the markets and how families can leverage these observations to preserve and build their wealth.

During this conversation, Hart and Allison specifically address some of the most common questions they have been hearing from client families, including:

  • Is the market truly disconnected from economic reality?
  • How is the current market different from past upswings?
  • What are some of the common themes that may play a significant role in 2021?
  • What are the most significant risks for building wealth this year?
  • How will the Biden administration impact tax rates?
  • How do current valuations impact investor behaviors?
  • What is one sector investors should focus on in 2021?
  • Is it worth it for families to invest in Bitcoin?


If you have any questions about the financial outlook for 2021, please do not hesitate to contact us.