A Delegate Discussion with Ethic: The “How” of Values-Aligned Investing

Nov 16, 2020 | Commentaries, Delegate Discussions

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At Delegate Advisors, sharing interesting information to enhance the financial lives of our clients, friends and industry colleagues is a priority. Because our approach to managing wealth is holistic, we are turning to several industry experts we are fortunate to know for insights on questions we often hear from clients. These interviews will be the basis of our new video series, “Delegate Discussions.” This week, Andy Hart speaks with Jay Lipman of Ethic, Inc. about how to implement a values-aligned investing strategy.

In our first conversation with Ethic, Inc., we explained values-aligned investing and discussed why families may use this strategy in their portfolios. Now, in this episode of our discussion series, Delegate Advisors Chief Executive Officer Andy Hart speaks with Jay Lipman, co-founder and president of Ethic, Inc., a sustainable, technology-driven asset manager, to provide insights on how families can begin incorporating values-aligned investments into their portfolios.

During this conversation, Hart and Lipman examine the values-aligned investing process, beginning with how to define a family’s unique values. Specifically, Hart and Lipman discuss:

  • How to create a mission statement based on your family’s values
  • The five pillars that Delegate values and how to incorporate your family’s values with Delegate’s five pillars to create a values-aligned portfolio
  • How to build a values-aligned portfolio that does not sacrifice returns
  • Ways to manage tax exposure in values-aligned portfolios
  • How values-aligned investing has performed throughout 2020’s volatility
  • How to add values-aligned investments to portfolios without eliminating other sectors
  • How to build a values-aligned portfolio that can reap returns for generations
  • What type of families are a good fit for values-aligned investing

To watch Hart’s first conversation with Lipman about the why of values-aligned investing, click here. If you have any questions regarding values-aligned investing, please do not hesitate to contact us.