How to Hockey

Sep 14, 2020 | Uncategorized

At Delegate, our passion is serving our clients but there are so many other dimensions to each of our team members. We feel these interests are just as compelling and important to share, and blend to compose the fabric of Delegate’s unique culture. Moving forward we’ll spend time highlighting the interests and accomplishments that define our team, both inside and outside the office.

Carolyn Christians, Delegate’s Director of Business Operations, is a former hockey blogger and nothing gets her talking like when asked about the game. Last year she wrote this “How to Hockey” guide for our team’s adventure to PNC Arena in Raleigh to watch her beloved Hurricanes.

Carolyn’s true passion for the game has served as a place for entertainment, comfort, distraction and family togetherness time and time again – and she hopes it can do the same for you. In this guide, Carolyn took the ins and outs of hockey and explained it in a manner for everyone to enjoy.

Normally, the NHL’s Stanley Cup Playoffs are a fixture in June of each year, but with the delays caused by the pandemic, they were moved to the fall, with the finals fast approaching. This ‘best of seven’ game series will pit the Eastern Conference champion (the Lightning or Islanders) against the Western Conference champion (the Stars of Golden Knights). The season concludes when the victorious team claims the “Greatest Trophy in Professional Sports,” the Stanley Cup.

Click here to download the guide.