A Delegate Discussion with Ethic: The “Why” of Values-Aligned Investing

Sep 4, 2020 | Commentaries, Delegate Discussions

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At Delegate Advisors, sharing interesting information to enhance the financial lives of our clients, friends and industry colleagues is a priority. Because our approach to managing wealth is holistic, we are turning to several industry experts we are fortunate to know for insights on questions we often hear from clients. These interviews will be the basis of our new video series, “Delegate Discussions.” This week, Andy Hart speaks with Jay Lipman of Ethic, Inc. about how incorporating principles of impact investing can help you achieve financial, environmental, and societal sustainability.

Values-aligned investing. Impact investing. ESG investing. These strategies are increasingly common in financial headlines, raising questions among interested investors. In the premiere episode of our discussion series, Delegate Advisors Chief Executive Officer Andy Hart speaks with Jay Lipman, co-founder and president of Ethic, Inc., a sustainable, technology-driven asset manager, to provide further insights on this investing phenomenon.

During this conversation, Hart and Lipman examine how you should be thinking about values-aligned investing and how you can effectively align your portfolio with your values. Specifically, Hart and Lipman discuss:

  • How investors can benefit from aligning their portfolios with their values
  • How values-aligned investing may affect portfolio performance
  • Strategies to avoid specific issues that may result from values-aligned investing
  • How COVID-19 and other current news affect values-aligned investing
  • The rate at which companies are realizing the importance of sustainable business models

Stay tuned for Hart’s follow-up conversation with Lipman to learn more about Ethic, Inc., what they do, and how they do it.