Andy Hart Discusses Navigating Uncertainty at the RIA West Investment Forum

Nov 10, 2017 | News/Media

Delegate Advisors Managing Partner Andy Hart recently spoke at the RIA West Investment Forum – a conference that brings together approximately 60 RIA executives from the nation’s leading independent RIA firms. Hosted in San Francisco, the event focused on RIA-led discussions and included conversations on how trends such as geopolitical upheavals, the relentless speed of RIA and investment technological innovation, massive demographic changes and ongoing consolidation will all affect the industry and the opportunity and risk landscape in the long term.

Hart shared his thoughts in the behavioral finance segment, focusing on how to navigate and plan for uncertainties. “By proactively talking to clients about potential future challenges or opportunities, advisors can come to a mutual understanding with their clients regarding what they will do when the “what if” becomes real,” said Hart.

This exercise not only empowers the clients to weather a downturn, but also puts them in a better position to take advantage of it.

“While market volatility may be at or near record lows, it is clear we are living through times where uncertainty reigns at virtually every level of an investment decision,” said Hart. “We believe it is our job as advisors to coach our clients through these periods and to help them to remain calm so they can make rational decisions that will benefit them in the long term.”