Delegate CEO Bob Borden Named as Keynote Speaker at Texas Private Equity Conference

Jan 26, 2017 | News/Media

Delegate Advisors is proud to announce that Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer Bob Borden will deliver the keynote address at the prestigious 2017 Texas Private Equity Conference on Friday, February 3. Bob will discuss the past and future of the private equity industry while reviewing key economic drivers from the past 30 years with an eye on the next 30 years.

“The past 30 years will not serve as precedent for the next 30,” says Borden. “And so we often hear questions from families, endowments and foundations about where to find investment returns in an unpredictable, volatile environment. For many investors, private equity can be a beneficial addition to an investment portfolio.”

In the discussion, Mr. Borden will provide a synopsis of the four primary global drivers of world economic growth over the past 30 years: interest rates, globalization, demographics and the internet. He will compare them to a vastly different environment today. Importantly, he will discuss how these conditions affect investment returns and where investors should seek long-term returns in the future.

The Texas Private Equity Conference provides an opportunity for experts in the private equity space to convene and discuss these investment strategies.