Andy Hart Comments to Campden FB on the Rise of Impact Investing

Jan 23, 2017 | News/Media

Impact investing, which seeks both financial returns and philanthropic impact, is on the rise according to a recent study by Global Family Office Report 2016. While the study found millennials are particularly focused on the social and environmental impacts of their investments, the trend is growing across the industry. More than 60% of the family offices in the report said they are already active in impact investing or have immediate plans to implement it, and 47% see it as a more efficient way of achieving impact than philanthropy.

Andy Hart, managing partner at Delegate Advisors, commented to Campden FB on this growing trend. “We know that there is a push toward measuring impact, but we believe that any measurements should really come from the family philanthropic objectives,” he explains.

In the article, Hart shared the example of a family whose mission is to support access to education. He explained that a better measurement than just looking at scholarship payments might be the number of scholarship recipients successfully graduating.

“Just because something might be hard to measure, does not mean it shouldn’t be pursued as long as it helps achieve the larger family objective,” he summarizes.

For more details on the report on impact investing, read the full Campden FB article here.