It all started with a belief in having the best of both worlds.

Andy Hart is no stranger to the banking industry. He began his career consulting to small banks on how to manage their business more efficiently. He quickly earned a reputation for offering advice only after gaining a complete understanding of each bank’s unique financial position. Soon, he was asked to put his skills to use for large banks in the private wealth management department. While he loved working closely with families to manage their wealth, he was conflicted when pressured to recommend proprietary products that were often overpriced or inferior to other options. There had to be a better way to serve clients. 

In 2003, he made the transition to an independent wealth management firm and immediately realized the dramatic differences. He could now provide advice that was analysis-driven rather than beneficial to the bank’s bottom line. He could make recommendations based on his clients’ best interests, not the bank’s. For the first time, he was serving as an advocate, not a marketer of financial products and services. However, the independent model lacked the investment talent and capabilities available through large institutions. Once again, Andy was left wanting something better for his clients.

Was it possible to combine an independent platform with an institutional quality investment team? Seeking an answer to that question, he began a search for a professional counterpart. When Andy met Bob Borden, the stars finally aligned and the foundation for Delegate’s management team was formed. Bob’s investment philosophy and experience investing large pools of capital enables Delegate to invest at a professional level rarely before seen at an independent firm.

All the pieces were finally in place. Delegate was born.